Wiremod and ACF issue?

I’m not sure if wiremod related issues even belong on here but anyways…

I decided to start using wire and giving ACF another go, so I download both via SVN and install them
with their respective guides.

However I seem to get a strange issue, when in the Entities and Weapons tab I click any of the wiremod categories
the game suddenly goes from its usual FPS to 1 frame every 5 seconds, in the console I see this being spammed:

RELOAD [addons\AdvDuplicator\materials\vgui\entities\]

This also seems to happen with some wire tools but I haven’t checked the console for those.

And ACF gets the same problem, when I click the ACF menu tool it drops FPS to hell and spams this in the console:

RELOAD [addons\AdvDuplicator\materials\gui\silkicons\]

I don’t know much about Lua or so, but my guess is that the VTFs or VTMs stored within those file locations
seem to be causing the problem, as if it’s not loading and the game keeps trying to force them in.

Any solution to this? Ive tried Defraging, Validating, reinstalling Gmod and reinstalling both addons separately .