Wiremod and PHX3 please help

Ok, I need the link for SVN checkout for wiremod.
Plus I have put phx3 in my addon folders using svn, but it doesn’t show up ingame.
So if you can please help. Thanks in advance.


Ok instead of just reading please respond…

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I’m assuming you’re using Tortoise SVN:

Make a folder on your desktop. Call it PHX3.
Right click on it and click on SVN Checkout.
Copypasta the svn link (it can be found in the PHX site)
Click OK.

PHX3 is a large file so it’ll take a long time to download everything. very worth it afterwards though.

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SVN Tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

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nvm already, I figured it out

sorry, but how is that unhelpful in any way, shape or form? we gave you what you wanted so stop complaining. maybe if you used some common sence and fucking typed it into google, you would have seen that the first result was what you wanted. hence the link i sent you. im so glad i have that site you know, just to show all you timewasters where the fuck you are going wrong -.-

Better svn tutorial http://thecreeper.co.uk/blog/?p=68

what’s wrong with the official one on their website?

did u actually click my link? you should, its funny :slight_smile:

  1. Ive seen “let me Google that for you” many times
  2. My svn tutorial is based on a program that does not need a install onto your pc nor does it leave loads of .svn folders within addons. It does have a version system in place so it will know what to update.

well to say that you dont have to download anything, would be an outright lie, and just to clarify, the wiremod leaves 3 folders… 3… if you really have so many addons that 3 makes it that much more cluttered, there is an issue here.

Well it could be possible to make a svn based on flash or java but I don’t know but anyway I did not say you don’t download anything all I said was you don’t need to install the svn program onto your computer.

Toutuse svn and most other svn programs use .svn folders as a version system but this is not good for Gmod since it will increase loading times.
This program will not place .svn folders in Gmod but rather use a 1 file version system for each addon you want.
This 1 file version system is stored with the svn program.

Maybe you should try the program out and see what I mean about how Superior it is for use in Gmod to that of touruse svn ( most common svn program to be used for gmod ).

well then im sure its safe to say you twisted your words a little there didn’t you. you do infact have to install a specific program as opposed to using any svn client. and if you ask me, using an svn client looks much simpler than all that in my opinion. you just name one folder WiremodCo, checkout the svn,remove the folders from WiremodCo and place them into addons, then remove the now empty folder ‘WiremodCo’. simple as cake :slight_smile:

I never twisted my words ( wtf are you talking about ).
Im going to make this as simple as possible for you since you cant understand the even more simple explanation i posted.

**The program in my tutorial does not need to be installed. ( http://thecreeper.co.uk/blog/?p=68 )
There is a menu system for the addons you want.
All addon svn links within menu system are streamed from a internet source to make sure you do not have broken svn links within the program.
You can add your own svn links to the program using the file customlists.
You only need to create 1 folder to house the svn program and that’s it.
Your a troll.
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Use better punctuation.

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If you don’t know what the difference between install and download then you should not even be part of the facepunch community.
Also from what I read there basically what you said was “ban me, ban me, ban me”.

Ok. Just to inform you, Brillmedal.
The ‘I’ in ‘I’ve’ and ‘I’m’ should be capital.
I’m not criticizing you, I’m just mentioning it to help you better your own English skills.

Downloading - receiving files from an external source e.g. the Internet.
Installing - extracting files into specific folders in order for operations of specific programs to work.

I always thought install had a defitination of something like " integrating something to the currant operating system ".

i know, the I’s should be in capitals, because the google chrome spell checker wont shut up about them, i just truly cant be bothered to put them in caps. (i just found out google, didn’t even put google in their dictionary… :O)


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