Wiremod.com is down.

The whole site is now just a link to some IIS7 thing.

Oh mój good Boże. Microsoft bought patents for the wiremod! And now they want to buy the gmod from the valve D:

I think the owner might have forgot to pay up =D


Those fucking elitist bastards got what was coming to them.

I hope it stays down

and dies


Why all the hate?

Oh Christ, that would fucking suck…

Ya seriously

anyone have a download to the latest version? I thought it was a problem at my end so I reinstalled gmod…lost wiremod in the process.

And why do people hate wiremod? Its like the main reason I play gmod. could you jsut hate it becouse you suck at it? :smiley:

-snippy snip, broken svn links-


Most of the members consider themselves a tier or fifty above the rest of the GMod community as a whole.

E.G.: Their Contraptions forum. Most of the content as of late has either been E2 holograms or E2 anything of some form or another. And God so help you if your contraptions fall short of their supreme, god-like standards, you will be laughed at, ridiculed, and Syranide or his goons will ban you.

Then again, that happens here too.

The Wiremod contraption forum is basically all the same thing.

You take it seriously?

No one posts negativity in the contraption forum. If any, those are obvious trolls.
We give out help if they need it, and output suggestions to improve if needed.
(Also, our ban list is tiny. Really, the only people I have banned aren’t even people, but advertising bots.)


Thay may get elitist about the fact people don’t use wire, but you can say the same to users here who go batshit insane if someone doesn’t use vanilla props.

Besides from props, materials and sounds which I imported for use in hammer, my GMod is vanilla.


Nothing of value was lost.

Wiremod is back up, it was a server upgrade. At least thats what I read.

Works for me.

that’s because we shit on you with our awesomeness.


and no one gets banned from wiremod, the mods aren’t nazis. oops :godwin:



No one we can see…