wiremod custom cannon help...

ok im new to the forums and havent used gmod in awhile, but ok so im making a cannon that launches a rocket (not missile or anything homing, just a dummy rocket), and well how i have it setted up is, one button raises cannon, one lowers, one arms the rocket (make it explosive) one that launches it… but my prob is, making a rocket respawn back in the cannon (wired spawning, not the basic prop spawner where u hit a numpad key)… can anyone help? if u rather would like to show me ingame wise just add me on ebwarrior and let me know that ur wanting to show), but if u do explain it on here, could you please be definable, and not be like… do this, then that, would rather u tell me, step by step… thank u in advance.

I guess its just manual reload. Since you can’t use prop spawns on ents (hence ‘Prop’), but in this case, you need it wired, I think you could make that with the Wirer tool.

well see i got for example a mk-82 with thrusters on back, and instead of having to manual load it in cannon, id like to use a button to spawn it in there or auto spawn when the rocket is blown up after launch… if u have an idea on what alternative i could do, plz dont hesitate to gimme an idea

I just got a page here.

You need UWSVN.

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Still, we are using Ents, as a thruster is a ent.
Hmm, you could make a lanching system where it just ejects the projectile, like the one I saw on a DarkRP server, ah…so much fun tossing tanks of gasses to the CP bridge and CP’s running away from the toxic fumes.

would it be a prob if i messeged u if i need help on this, i hardly used wire mod unless its for simple things

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and if its more simple before i read that stuff, how would i make the ejecting projectile launching system and spawn the object back (if u would rather direct me to a link it would be much help

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oh and i forgot to mention, that the thrusters are wired to a radio, and another radio is wired to a button if that helps any, but ill go for anything thats more simple but still good outcome, sorry for being a burden, but i usually never ask for help and once i do, ill ramble lot

I will send you a friend request (Jarrod) and I will talk about it tomorrow.

use forcers and a wired prop spawner.