Wiremod download

hey can anyone find a wiremod that work? can you give me a link or upload one for me?


ok il try

it dient work when i where following the instructions!!

DO NOT get Wiremod from Gmod.org.
It is EXTREMELY outdated. You could be downloading version 1000 while the latest version is in fact 1700 (For example)!
Here is the RIGHT way to do it: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324


Just updated. Latest version at this moment is 1704… For a comparison: 5 hours ago it was 1699. So yeah. Wire updates A LOT.

Divran is right.

Wire gets constant updates, so any .org versions are out of date (like, a day after they are posted, they would be behind).

and that upload wasn’t even an upload of wire. it was just a shit load of Adv. Dupe files (kind of like save games, except that Adv. Dupe system doesn’t suck like the Save system does, and they are only of the contraption you click on, instead of everything on the map)

that one was reported


There’s a reason you have so much difficulty finding copies on .org, because they shouldn’t be there! Wiremod gets about 160 updates per month, your copy would be out of date very quickly.


spaceMann posted the link, they moved from gmodfiles to their own website to source forge in a relatively small amount of time.