Wiremod error

Hello, i have recenly updated my wire mod to find that there is a lua folder with a file name “wiremod not installed correctly” i know i have installed it correctly (i followed the guide on the wiremod site) is it safe to get rid of?

I saw something like that when I updated my Wire.

It basically just gives you a pop-up if you have a different version of Wire than the server, or if it installed wrong.

I’m pretty sure it just just goes “Okay, I’m here. Is Wire here?” and then either “Oh it is cool. No need for me to say anything.” or “Nope, time to talk the player, and explain how to fix this.”

You should be able to remove it safely.

well i have and nothings happand so it cant be important enough to be required since well i know how to use SVN correctly

i suppose its really for the people who dont really know how to use SVN