Wiremod error...

I used tortise SVN to download the latest wiremod off the link at wiremod.com and I get this error whenever I pull out any tool… ie:weld, wire, rope, generators (CAF) etc…

addons\wire\lua\wire\client oolscreen.lua:23: attempt to call upvalue ‘_RenderScreen’ (a nil value)

Please help… This is making it hard to play the game… :frowning:

I think you used the wrong SVN link. Which link did you use?

There was another guy in another thread getting the same lua error. Only difference is he loaded a save game.

You didn’t load a save game, did you?

No I did not and I used the link at wiremod.com 's SVN tutorial… here it is:


The only way I can see this happening is if you pasted the svn over the top of an older version, or have two versions installed.

I had recently deleted a garrysmod.org version from my computer and got the SVN, the two must have been different versions and therefore the files left from the old on conflicted with the new one!!!

So do I have to clean my gmod or what???

  1. Remove the old version of wiremod.
  2. Export new version to addons folder.
  3. Run GMod.
  4. Check to see if it works.
  5. Report back.
  6. You didn’t realize there isn’t a 5.
  7. You’re now searching for the missing 5.
  8. You are now smiling.


As a last resort you could try to clean your GMod, but do so at your own risk.

I personally don’t smile so option 9 was void.

You, sir, are stone-hearted.

Meanwhile, back on topic…

1 I have tried this…
2 I am not just smiling I’m loling…
3 What do you mean at your own risk???

Well, sometimes people manage to fuck up their GMod installs in a way, but that’s just to build some suspense, really. Go ahead and reinstall your GMod if you want to.

Thanks but I have found its an in-addon problem… I added and talked to whosdr, and we found that the SVN is screwed…
If anyone can link to a workign wire SVN please do.


SVN Tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

Thanks, butthe SVN lik for wiremod that he listed was the one I used… I am refering to a working link to wiremod