Wiremod - Expression 2

I have noticed that people can do ANYTHING with this expression 2 thingy and I am a n00b to wiremod who barely knows how to make a turret shoot where you aim with your laser pointer… :frowning: Could anyone give me a server IP to a server or host a server where someone can teach me this stuff? Or… Something? Anything as long as it is easy to learn…

Google wire mod


hey i need help trying to redirect my stargates

please tell me what i need in the expression 2 chip and everything else needed to do it thanks

Just put another Stargate in front of it and make it dial your new destination when the original Stargate’s being dialed.

no thats not it there is a spicific E2 chip he uses to do it

HE may use some complicated E2, but I’m giving you a SIMPLER method:

Hell, barely any E2 required.

Put the gate in front. And then what? You would either need about 30+ gates or an E2 to do it.

Edit: I will make you an E2 like this and post it here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=20100413
Check that thread in a while :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the E2 thanks a lot that helped out greatly thank you


hey one more thing do u guys know the E2 coding or know how to do model clipping like in this video???

any help would be awsome thanks