Wiremod Glitch

Whenever I try to Advanced Duplicate A wiremod vehicle, I get errors, and it just says copying. It never goes away, even when you kill yourself, switch tools, anything. What do I do :derp:

Reinstall Wiremod?

That would take forever :eng99:

Do you have dialup?

Not really, Wire is small compared to some mods, it’ll take 10 minutes, tops.


God dammit, breaking my posting :frown:

ahaha no

No, thank god.

Then it doesn’t take forever.

._. Cool. I guess I’m just to lazy to do it then :stuck_out_tongue:

I got rated dumb 5 times even though I was quite right ._.

I’ll probably get rated dumb for this post aswell :\

I’m always getting rated dumb 5 times. 1 Second after I post, I have 5 dumbs. :havlat:

facepunch Knows that you are Dumb then, and is pre-Boxing you to save us the bother.
On a more helpful note:
did you fix the bug?

Offtopic: Does Facepunch automatically rate you dumb and stuff for things such as bad spelling?


Yes, although i didn’t have to reinstall wiremod. In fact, it fixed itself. Or something was wrong with whatever I was doing. :pseudo: