Wiremod help - coordinates

Hi guys.

I am trying to achieve a dual input system. Probably not the best choice of words, but I will try to explain myself as best as I can: I have a teleporting box. I can either use an adv input to set x, and adv. input to set y and an adv input to set z, wired through the round vector gates, wired to the box, or I can wire the round vector gates to a gps system (instead of adv.input) and have the box teleport to the gps system, as that is setting the coordinates now, not my own input. my question is, If I have 2 sets of coordinate setters, one for a gps system and one for an adv. input system, could I wire both of these up to the box through some sort of ‘gate’ (I use the word gate loosely, as it is an ingame term), and then for example by pressing + or - on my numpad select which set of coordinates the box takes information from?

How do I got about doing this?

Thanks for your help

Uhmmm it’s really confuse… if you make it clearer I might be able to help :slight_smile:

I can try. The box teleports to x,y,z coordinates. if i wire the round gates for x,y,z to a gps, and then wire the round gates for x,y,z to the box and press teleport, it will teleport to the gps. with me?

Next Instead of wiring the round gates x,y,z to a GPS, I wire them to Adv inputs, so I can choose the coordinates myself, and the box will teleport to the ones I input with the keyboard. ok so far?

I want to be able to do both. So imagine i have 6 round gates, 2 x, 2 y, 2 z, 1 of each is an adv input, and one of each is a gps input. Now I need a sort of Splitter. so when I press + for example, the box uses the gps coordinates. and when I press - for example the box uses the adv. input coordinates.

Otherwise I have to rewire the boxes x,y,z to the round gates each time.

any clearer?


maybe if I said I had 2 GPS systems, and wanted to be able to switch between the 2 sets of coordinates for the box to teleport to? would that be any easier?

3 Choice Gate
Increment/Decrement Gate
Two Buttons
6 constant values (With the X Y Z of targets)

As far as I know, you must use IF THEN ELSE chips or Expression2 (<3 her)


Choice gate?

One Select or choice gate to X cords
One Select or choice gate to Y cords
One Select or choice gate to Y cords
Choice Of all the select gate to Increment/Decrement Gate
X Y Z of the hover drive to X Y Z choice gates

An E1 or E2 could do that but if he is using gates like he is above do you think he can write E2?
Also E2 <3 and I cheat on her with holograms

took me a while but I got there! thanks very much!
just a couple of things, i’m very new to wire. how do I keybind a button? and also with the increment and decrement buttons, I had to wire 1 to incriment, one to decrement, then incriment to a in order for it to work, and just made decrement reset. How do I wire it so that incriment increases, and decriment decreases, no hassle?

I know I spelt everything about 5 different ways there XD sorry mods :S

You use a Wire Numpad Input. It should be about 5 steps below the Button if I remember correctly.

thanks very much ^^ all sorted now guys, cheers!