Wiremod - How can I make rockets fire one after the other on the same key.

Basically, I have a plane with 2 rockets on each wing and I want them to fire the outer rockets on both wings first, at the same time - then fire the inner rocket on each wing at the same time. I want to do this while both sets of rockets are launched by pressing Mouse 2. Any help?

Add a delay using a timer

Do you want it to fire the second rack automatic (on the same trigger hold) or sequentially (click again to fire second rack)

For auto:

       Rack1fire = 1
       Time = Time+1  #the 1 is based on your interval. if the chip's interval is 100 this is .1 second.

if(Time == 1)
       Rackfire2 = 1

        Rack1fire = 0
        Rack2fire = 0
        Time = 0

Persist Time, input fire, and rack1fire / rack2fire as outputs

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t specific enough, I want to be able to fire them with two trigger clicks, not just a delay - my bad :slight_smile:

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Yeah sorry, my bad, I want to fire the second rack on a second trigger click - probably should have been more specific about that - and do you know how to do that? You told me how to do it or auto, but do you know how to do it on another click?

if(changed(Trigger) & Trigger & !A){
Fire1 = 1
A = 1
if(changed(Trigger) & Trigger & A){
Fire2 = 1
A = 0

This should basically set Fire1 to 1 on the first click, and then on the second click set Fire2 to 1.