Wiremod hydraulics

Why the hell are they ropes?? Isn’t that what a winch is supposed to be? I just don’t get it. How can I get the regular hydraulic for wiremod?

They are the same, you are just given more control, and you can change the skin of them. l2wiremod.

No, they are floppy ropes, unable to push.

I smell a troll.
Don’t feed the troll!


nm i know why check the box that says fixed

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Wench and hydraulics are two different tools. A wench controls the length of a rope, which can pull objects closer together; however, If you increase the length of the wench, the objects will not be pushed apart. If you have a hydraulic, it will push the objects apart, or pull them together. If fixed is checked, then the hydraulic objects will remain at their relative rotation to each other.

I’m not a troll! The wire hydraulic tool fits your description exactly of the winch tool. When the length is increased, the objects are not pushed apart.

Turn on ‘Fixed’ then.

That just constrains rotation. It doesn’t help.

Use a slider as well. Make sure the slider is in the direction you want it to have the hydrolic push.

I’m replying to this prior to checking something here, but hydraulics for one CAN be reskinned using the slector in the context menu… there should ALSO be a “fixed” checkbox somewhere in that same lil context (press c) menu.

As I said, this was replied to prior to checking teh wire version of the hydraulics.


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