Wiremod Hydraulics

Hey. Feeling like a nub, have little experience with wiremod.
Was wondering if anybody could help me figure out why, whenever i try to make the wired hydraulics, the lengths are automatically 0 and this sort of thing happens:

As you can see, the two plates are pulling together because of the hydraulic, the length is 0 and i don’t know what to do :<
any help would be appreciated.

I’m having the same problem. The hydraulic appears to be normal at first, but as soon as the controller is placed, the objects snap together. The length cannot be changed by input.

wire it to a positive constant value.

if it cannot be changed by input then fuck

Yeah, I think it’s an error in the lua file. After poking around a bit, I found this in the init file for wire hydraulics

function ENT:Setup()
self.current_length = 0
self.IsOn = true
I don’t know lua, just a little c++, but I definitely think the problem is in this funciton, specifically ‘self.current_length = 0’ …if someone else could post the contents of this function, that might help


Works for me.

So, If we update our wiremod, it will work?

Should do.

Excellent. Just tested, works awesome.

Thanks much to those that tried to help, and as well thanks to the wiremod team for fixing it.