wiremod installation error

please help, there is some kind of installation error when im playing garrys mod, i followed the instructions on the error, but it wont go away. wire works perfectly, but this retarded error doesn’t dissappear. is there any command to remove this error because everything works perfectly. i even restarted the game three times and it still does not disappear.

The error says:
Either your Wiremod or that of the server is not installed properly.
Please move the following folders from “garrysmod\addons\wiremod” to “garrysmod\addons”:
-Adv Duplicator
-wire model pack 1
Once you have done that, remove the “garrysmod\addons\wiremod” folder.





come on, 13 views and no replies, PLEASE!!!

there’s a Lua file which does it.
Delete addons/wire/lua and svn update.

thank you!