Wiremod is killing my server!

When ever I use a red wire button, I get this.


How do I fix this?


I nerver get this error before , but try to search on the forums with the search functions .

Maybe try deleting and redownloading wire?

I don’t know what else the problem could be, you should probably go to the wiremod forums and ask there.

A lot of custom models do that, PCMod’s speakers used to do that all the time. Your server should still run normally, but you should notify the Wire team about it.

The server runs fine, I just don’t want it running until I get this under control.

How do I notify the “Wireteam” on wiremod.com?

This is an small problem, This is an harmless bug that has no difference on the server.

Besides the fact that it crashes it when ever someone uses a red button.

Ironically the error message is actually freezing the server, not the bug.
I have a mod on my server that suppresses the error in order to avoid that (not that it matters anymore since I run it in “pure console mode” only, and no, this doesn’t mean -console parameter). Basically all it does is that it just disables printing of that error message in order to avoid freezing/lag.

How do I do that then?

By finding out which strings/what part of the game’s code prints it and nulling/nopping it by using a hex editor or such.

I just got this error.

And… What is a hex editor?