Wiremod is messed up.

Allright I have no idea what caused this but my problem is this anyways:
[li] All the gates models are invisible, including the RAM chip model.
[/li][li] In single player, buttons and numpads doesn’t work.
[/li][li] In multiplayer, debugger and wire advanced doesn’t work.
[/li][li] Some other small crap.
I tried to reinstall Wire (newest SVN)
I tried to reinstall GMod AND Wire (again newest SVN)
I tried to reinstall every other mod too, and I removed the gmod folder when I reinstalled.
Has anyone else had similar problems?
I thought maybe it would be a problem with this revision of the SVN, but I haven’t seen anyone else with theese problems.


I think its revision 1353

Strange. You could try asking on the wiremod forum: www.wiremod.com/forum

Already have, but they are slooow.