WireMod jukebox

A single speaker playing several songs

I always wondered how to make this. When me and my friend wanted some music playing while we build, I had to spend several minutes of making lots of speakers, buttons and text screens. So how to put all the songs into one speaker? I don’t want only HL2 songs, but our defined and downloaded songs. I think that this is possible only via a code, but I know almost nothing about coding and scripting, I can just modify them a little which is quite easy, for ex. change a colour of a rotating cube etc.

So could you give me the script/code for it, tell me where to define the song pathes, how and where to connect the components and how to control it, by buttons or GUI?

Use E2. http://wiki.wiremod.com/wiki/Expression_2#Sound_Playback
And you’re better off asking questions about Wiremod on the wire forum: http://www.wiremod.com/forum/