Wiremod Models Show Up As Error

I just fixed wiremod with the help of you guys, but my thread got buried.
And, now Im playing with it, but every model for wiremod is an error.
Do I have to update it or anything?

Check your addons folder for a folder called “wire model pack 1”, and make sure that there is a valid info.txt inside of it.

If there’s no such folder (or any similarly named, I’m not 100% sure of the name, but I know it’s something like that), then check wherever you got your “wire” folder from, and it should be in there, if you got it from SVN.

Ok I looked in my wire folder and there was a “Models” minifolder inside. There is no .txt.

In addons, you should have 3 folders:
Wire Model Pack 1
Advanced Duplicator

I just have Wire.

Hmm. Did you SVN it?

Look within the folder- you may have neglected to extract the necessary files from it.

But in this case, he should get a banner telling him he installed wrong. Is it not more likely he removed wire, and deleted the others?

Yep. I didn’t extract anything if that helps.