wiremod on garrysmod.org?

Hello i am requesting a download for wiremod on garrysmod.org i cant find it anywhere and none of the svn versions or anything work on my computer thanks!

Wire on garrysmod.org gets deleted in about less than a day.
Best way to get it is SVN.

I make sure of it. Hehehe…

The reasn why it isn’t posted here, is that if it was uploaded every time it updated, it would be as common as cr4ppy ADV Dupe files!!!

You have to SVN. That is the only choice.

I Made This Little SVN Pack A While Ago =) It Has PHX/Wire!

Download Link --> http://download712.mediafire.com/ytljmuimykhg/d2dn4njbgxn/SVN+Packs.zip

People Don’t Upload This To Garry’s Mod Because They Will Get Banned!

Enjoy My SVN Pack Enjoy! :smiley:

If Your Just Looking For The Wire Then Just Take The Wire Folder Out And Put It Your Self =P (I Know Your Lazy To Do It)