Wiremod security camera

Is it possible? I’ve looked all around and I can’t seem to find anything explaining how to do a WIREMOD security camera setup… I can find ones that use numpad keys but I don’t want that, I’m picky lol.

Explain in more detail, Why can’t you just use regular/rt cameras?

because you can’t control rt cameras with wire.

are you trying to look for a way to display something from, say, a cam controller on a screen?

I don’t want to use normal RT cameras because I don’t like using numpad buttons. I want to have alot of cameras and there simply isn’t enough buttons xD. Is there an addon that has wire rt camera maybe?

There is already a camera controller in Wiremod, if you want to know how to use it i suggest you check out their site.

I believe that the unofficial wire extras has a wire RT cam. Heres the SVN for that. http://svn.dagamers.net/wiremodextras/trunk