Wiremod Sound browser pitchanging slider not functioning

Im having an issue with my wiremod sound emitter. I’ve been trying to give wire up basics speakers and buttons and give them sound effects from the sound browser, but when I change the pitch of the sound with the sound browser slider, and I click send to sound emitter, the pitch stays default when I play it through the speakers. I’m not trying to make the pitch relative to throttle or rpm, just a simple on off speaker. all the sounds play fine when I push the button, I don’t have any issues wiring any of it and I’m not getting script errors. I just wanna how to use that feature correctly or why it wont change the pitch.

You must link a new button with value or use constant value ( type : number ) in wiremod for set the pitch of sound emitter ( link Sound emitter => Input => Pitch => Button => Out / => Constant value => value … )