[WIREMOD/Spacebuild 3] Help! Lua errors and broken EVERYTHING (GMod)

Ahem, I have recently been adding the spectacular looking ‘Spacebuild 3/ Spacebuild Enhancement Pack’ mods to my GMod. However, I have come to find that every time I exit my game, EVERY single wiremod thing ( Adv pod controllers, buttons, sound emitters) and spacebuild thing (resource nodes, generators) has become useless. They all show no options when I attempt to Adv wire them, and the resource nodes have no interface when I return. It’s like I have to start again EVERY SINGLE SODDING TIME. I get lua errors such as ’ attempt to index a nil value’ and such. I have to kill my character and respawn just to get my toolgun to work. By the way, I do not know much about lua at all, so most of these errors translate to gibberish in my head.
Yes, the mods are up to date, at their latest revision.
Yes, I re-installed GMod, this worked for an hour or two, then crashed and the mods broke again.
Yes, I’m very sure I got all the mods required for this to work.

I removed the mods for Spacebuild and the bug was gone, so it isn’t likely to be wiremod messing up. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, /=-AK-=.

EDIT: I also have Carter’s Addon Pack installed + wiremod turrets seem to still work.

Could you explain in some more detail when this is happening?

After saving a game, adv duping the sb stuff, … ?

Well, first off, are these the right mods? I’ll get to that part after this load of text.

I have, in my addons folder (excluding toy box, svn and addons txt):

Sbep fortifications
Nuke pack 4
Sb_omen v2
Adv dupe
Sbep models
Cap_resources (Carter’s Addon Pack)
Sbep weapons
Sb3 (spacebuild 3)
Cde (contraption damage engine)
Ls3core (life support)
Ls3gas systems
Rd3 (resource distribution)
Sbep entities

Now back on track…
I saved a game, tried to go back in and it crashed. I assume that was the saved game breaking.
I duplicated a non-broken ship, worked fine.
When I duped a ‘broken’ ship it ‘fixed’ the ship! The duplication of the ship acted no different to the original prior to its breaking! Well thanks for that tip, it helps a bit knowing my stuff isn’t lost for good.
Overwriting the broken save when I return to it does nothing, it is still broken. I try loading the broken save again, it gives me this error message after it crashes:

Engine Error
Can’t load lump 8, allocation of 23187801 bytes failed!

I’m still confused. Also, the duplication thing may be a good temporary solution but I really want a long term solution. If you could figure this out it would be much appreciated. Oh and sorry for the late response, I only got access to a computer now. Plus I was sleeping by then.

Thanks, AK.


Well, saving doesn’t really work properly for most stuff. But it shouldn’t crash either way.

I’ll try to check what’s causing it and see if I can’t prevent it from crashing. Can’t make any promises everything SB related will keep working after a save/load though.

Perhaps all I need is some toolgun to ‘update’ props and entities, much like the duplicator did. The crashing is not a huge problem, just the broken stuff. Any ideas on what tool apart from the duplicator is capable of such feats?

EDIT: Just an FYI, about the crashes, I DO have Norton Internet Security installed on my computer.

I’m kinda having the same problem. Saving seems to delete the life support generators and climate regulators. Another problem I have is that advanced dupe breaks my ships, causing them to spas out when they’re moving, making them act like they arn’t welded or frozen.

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