Wiremod Stool help

I downloaded and installed Wiremod SVN but I go to gmod and there isnt the “Wire” section on the right with the Wire tools. Where do I get the actual wiremod stools?

Did you take the files out of the folder you downloaded it too?

because you did it worng…


do this and you got wire svn

1)you need this program called “TortoiseSVN”.

Download Link --> http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads

  1. you need the svn link to the wire mod…

Download Link --> https://wiremod.svn.sourceforge.net/...wiremod/trunk/

  1. make a foulder on your desktop called “Wiremod CO”.

  2. Right Click on the “Wiremod CO” foulder and press “SVN Checkout…”.

  3. Then you will see “URL Of Repository” Put the wiremod svn link in there then press “ok” after when its done…

  4. Open “Wiremod Co” foulder and take out these foulders:

“Adv Duplicator”
“wire model pack 1”

  1. Now delete “Wiremod Co” foulder.

  2. Just put those foulders you took out in your “Wiremod CO” foulder in the “Addons” foulder.

  3. Go game and you have Wiremod SVN :smiley: ENJOY!

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