Wiremod Stopped working (yes, i have used the SVN)

Ok, about a day ago, my wiremod stopped working properly. When using the scroll wheel to select, it doesnt highlight what u are selecting. As well, the GPS wont work. Specifically, i was trying to wire an asgard transporter to a gps. This was on a multilayer server, but after that, i tried many different servers. Though it seems to work in single player. I tried re-installing it (using the SVN) but that didnt help. I didnt install any new addons, and it was working fine the day before (on the same server that i was trying to wire the asgard transporter to the gps). And i even asked the person who owns that server, and he didnt change anything on it.

Please help,



  1. Make sure your using adv wire tool.
  2. The overlay might not update.



and yes, im using the adv wire tool

The selected thing not highlighting is a temporary bug. A reconnect usually fixes it. Or you can use the normal (not adv) wire tool, which doesn’t have this problem.