WireMod SVN help?

Okay so i installed wiremod correctly (or i think i did). All the tools and everything works, but when I put .txt files (addons) in the duplicator file (such as holy drug gunshop, planes, etc.) i don’t know where to look for them in game. Like i hold q for the menu, but where would they be? Thanks!
Note: I’m a wiremod noob i know like barely anything about it because i just got it. :confused:


Advanced Duplicator dupes are stored in garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator

I know that i’m saying in game where are the files? In the tools menu or something?


Those text files are not ‘Addons’. They are Advanced Duplicator saves. You spawn them using the Advanced Duplicator tool.

You people just don’t get it do you.
I said addons because they are LIKE addons, I KNOW they are advanced duplicator saves. I’m asking how do you spawn them in game!
Btw how do i use the advanced duplicator tool?

Figured out how to use it so nvm