Wiremod Text Screen Tool - Why is my text disappearing, after I reload a map?

Hello all! My first post! I’m happy to meet all of you. :slight_smile:

I am doing a Machinima/YouTube poop video and am using cs_office as my setting.

I have placed a number of signs, using the Wiremod text screen tool, around the level to mark certain areas of interest.

If I disconnect/exit from my saved map and reconnect, all of the signs are still where I placed them. However, all of the signs are blank.

When I use the text screen tool (left-click on the sign) to put the text I wanted back onto the sign, I get this lua error:

*[addons\wire\lua\entities\gmod_wire_textscreen\init.lua:62] attempt to call method ‘umsg’ (a table value)

The only way around this is to remove the sign and replace it. Of course, this would be really annoying to have to do this every time I load the map.

I am using the latest version of Wiremod, as of this posting (2517). I was having the same problem with 2490, which was the version I had when starting my work with this map (it’s been a few months since I have had an opportunity to play :P).

Any suggestions?

Edit: I just reinstalled Adv Dupe and Wiremod. Same problem.

I am now about to temporarily move all of my addons out of the folder and see if Adv Dupe and Wiremod work by themselves, just to see if it could be an addon conflict.

Because wire mod is a peice of crap :v:

What Just when I saved the text and saved the map, and it will open the save, no text or plate is there!
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To answer your question opening a gmod save file Fucks the sent and sweps up.