Wiremod Thrusters Error

I just updated my wiremod and its working but for some reasons thrusters don’t work, ive tried making it work via numpad inputs to even constant values, the numpad would be “1” but the thruster would still be “off” Can anyone help?


make sure it has thrust.
Oh btw, the pop-up text doesn’t update properly.

IT has thrust.

Help? IT wont work!

Try wiring them directly to a button to see if that works.

Does not work. The button, numpad, constant value work but thrusters dont. Everything works but the thrusters, ive reinstalled wire even updated it from the official forum but it doesn’t work.

Make the MINIMUM force 0, if it’s not set to that. I had this prob before until someone told me how to fix

It is.

Try reinstalling wire?

Waiiiiiiiit, I know you…