Wiremod tools missing

I installed wiremod in addons folder, but there are no tools in game :S

any suggestions?

Is this the svn?

Cause if i remember rightly the wire svn file is 1 big file that contains 3 packs.

The adv_dupe file

the wire models

and the wiremod

i think you need to copy those files out of the wire folder and put them into the addons directory.


doesen’t work again

folders are in /addons folder :confused:


Wire doesn’t appear in the normal tools menu. See if you have a wire tab on the top right of your Q menu.


Ok, I’ll check out, thanks

@.badmin. “snip” what that means?

I deleted what i said

Everything works fine now, Thanks guys.

Looking at your picture, you didn’t export. Makes your gmod slow! :S

Omg thankyou


wait… its coming up with errors when im in multiplayer!