Wiremod trouble errors evry1 plz help!!!!!!!!!

Hi ive been on my comp for 2 days staright trying to get wiremod to work wat i do i go to the svn site. then save into gmod addons folder after finished downloading, then i do svn checkout which akes my addons folder av a green tik i update the addons folder. then i start up gmod again hoping it will work, and wat do i get the errors and thts wen i get angry cause i hav tried this process like 20 diffefrent times all slightly different. and gmod is boring with jus a heap of red errors on ur screen i neeed help with wiremod y doesnt it work for me can sum1 plz give me a good tutorial in hw to download and install correctly.

i also use vista and if this didnt make sesne plz say so.

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That didn’t make sense.
Can you write it in English, please?

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This is the Steam version, right?

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this didn’t make any sense…


So…I am assuming you are saying that you installed wiremod via svn, and it isn’t working. The thing with wiremod (if I am speaking a little out of your vocabulary please let ME know), when you download wiremod via Subversion Repository (SVN) it installs in addons/wiremod/wiremod, wiremod models, and advanced duplicator. So you have to move the Wiremod, Wiremod Models, and Advanced Duplicator folders into your addons folder. Try that, and if that doesn’t work, grab a thesaurus and re-post your problem.

he said that if his post didn’t make sense, we should say so.

which I did

What he was trying to say:


okay then;

Make a folder on your Desktop, and call into “SVN stuff”
Open the folder, and make a folder inside it called “Wiremod”
Right click the folder (Wiremod) and click “SVN Checkout…”
In the line they give you, enter the Wire SVN


If it asks for a username and password, they are either anon or anonsvn. (user and pass with be the same, so it is either one, or the other).

When it is done getting the files (may take a while), right click the Wiremod folder again, and hover over TortoiseSVN, and when a menu shows up, go to “export” and then find your Garrysmod/Addons folder, and click “Okay”

Then the Files will start to transfer.

NOTE: Wiremod is actually a package of addons. Wire, Wire Model Pack, and the Adv. Dupe.

After Wire is in your addons folder, drag each folder (Wire, Wire Model Pack, Adv. Dupe) into the main addons area

im having a problem too, everytime i do the stupid svn process i go in and wiremod isnt there what the heck is wrong?


i mean in gmod there is nothing from wiremod


cant use buttons or wires its just stupid default crud…