WIremod, what do you think of it's new arrangement

hello. I just updated wiremod to the latest one. I have a very old version of wiremod and I was sick of people bragging about that has stuff that I dont have. so I updated it and I became confused. in my opinion, it diminished it’s user-friendliness. it became harder to look at. I think this new wiremod is for the adults now… hell, I can’t even find the adv pod linker… what do you think of the wiremod arrangement of the tools?

How out of date was yours? I updated from a revision 400 revs back from current and didn’t notice any changes to the structure. As for said structure, maybe I’m just used to it, but I like it. I just close the categories I don’t use. AFAIK I only have Physics, I/O, Control(For E2s), and Tools open most of the time, the rest of the menus are closed.

Also, the advanced pod controller is linked with the same STool that spawns it. Left click spawns the controller, right click the controller and then right click the vehicle to link it.

Your Wiremod has to have been quite out of date if you were hit hard by the updates. 2-3 months ago, they put all the gates into the “gate” tool which is the only big change they made. You link your advanced pod by right clicking on the advanced pod, then the seat. Wiremod isn’t “just for adults” because they rearranged some stuff, it just made it easier once you get used to the change.

Facepunch has nothing to do with wiremod…


… had wiremod all functions as tools (like Link tool, update tool …) there were a endless Wire-menu…

Look onto the tool hints, on top-left… ADV Pod controller has an integrated linker (rightclick)

Wiremod is complicated… and thats ok

well… geezz. I think I should delete all these addons. Im being so far off. I can’t update cause loss of disk space. lol. I guess I was the dumb one here.

You don’t have 14mb free? I think you need to delete more than just a few addons if you don’t even have the disk space to install wiremod.

yeah, I installed l4d,l4d2,TF2 HL, HL:2, HL2:EP1, HL2:EP2 portal, portal 2, GTA:SA, COD 4 and other addons, yeah, I totally wanna delete the others and leave only few >:D

You can probably uninstall L4D1 at this point, since I think all its content should be in 2 as well, or if not, it should be soon.