Wiremod - What to Block

So I have recently started a Garry’s Mod server that I have decided to put Wiremod onto but I have never used it before and by what I hear it can do some good/bad things but Im not sure exactly what to blacklist from people being able to spawn, please help me.

Block e2. That’s about all I know, e2 can do some serious shit.

A lot of people use e2s and you might lose some players for blocking it.
I would recommend making a rank that got access (if your adminmod supports it.)

Then promote players who behave to that rank. 10 hours+ or so.

Essentially, either block almost every Wiremod feature, or administrate well. Just about any Wiremod feature can be used to abuse. Forcers can throw stuff off the map, e2 can minge, sound emitters can play obnoxious sounds, etc. The only thing you can’t use to minge directly is the input only stuff, which can generally be combined with other items to minge even harder.

Flat out disabling E2 removes a lot of features of wiremod. Most of the abusive things from E2 can just be disabled with wire_expression2_extension_disable.

Here is a list of the current wiremod extensions:

sound (maybe disable this)
propcore (disable this)
effects (disable this)
npc (maybe disable this)
holo (disable this)

All of the other exploitable things will have to be limited via your prop-protection/admin mod. The wiremod teleporter, vector thrusters, ect. But those can often be useful.