"Wish me Luck" (Mass Effect)

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I tried a bit harder on this one, if you look at th original screenshot Ive done a lot of subtle editing.
Original: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47456802/contest_scifi0005.jpg

I think I got the shadows right and I am SO happy that my computer could render SDoF.

C&C welcome and appreciated.
Previous image (looks compression raped?): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47456802/Wish%20me%20Luck.jpg

I dunno if it’s me but your pic is compression raped

Must be from a bit of colour balance or the map because im pretty sure its not the compression. It’s there in the original but that was saved as a devshot (Targa).

The original is fine. The one img tagged looks like it was saved through paint 12 different times.

I see it now and I just did a quick edit, tell me if it looks any better

Shepard doesn’t look like he’s feelin’ it.

Yeah, gettin’ that “I don’t really want this” vibe from him.

Yea, oh well. It’s probably because his face is right next to the weird tenticles. Thanks for the comments

Xeno love?


Good picture thoug, keep it up