Wisp companion.

Hi, I made a wisp-ish creature in particle editor, it’s of course not yet finished but that’s not the point.
Particle effect I created is supposed to accompany player on his way towards the map’s end, and while I find no problem attaching the effect to a player, the particle effect itself goes wrong. If there was a way for each sprite to stick together instead of falling apart, it would be nice. If you know the solution, please anwser or add me on steam or whatever you think is right.
PS : I know it’s stricte mapping forum but I simply have no idea where to ask for help.

It should look like this when it’s moving :

And it looks like this and makes me weep :


Are you creating particles at the location of the wisp? Or are you using sprites?

Let me give you a clear description of what I did.
Everything is done in Source Particle Editor.
My wisp effect consists of 11 10 children parented to Wisp_01 :

There are 44 sprites per second.
Wisp 1, 2 and 8 use 10 sprites per second, while Wisp 3 4 5 6 7 9 and 10 use 2 sprites per second.
Everything is okay when the effect does not move. When I set the effect in motion, whether it’s parenting it to a player or simply to a func_movelinear or any other entity which involves movement, my particle effect does something weird. When in movement, each sprite spawned by the particle effect stays in the place of its spawn instead of closely following the movement path. It’s as if my particle effect left an echo, a trail. I don’t want that. I want every sprite to stick to particle effect’s origin and this I cannot achieve.

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Well I solved it. Shouldn’t have made a thread, sorry.