Witch grabbing Francis in 1th person

Some idea i had.If any infected grab a survivor when they are low on health (would be like 10% of the time, except for the smoker tongue attack of course) the survivor can save himself by tapping a button (space maybe?) to release himself before getting incapped/killed.

Pretty effective shot. But I believe you mean “1st” not “1th”.

Holy shit demonskull! Nice to see you posing stuff again.
It looks cool

sorry do i know you?
and yeah it’s been a while…last time there was an “american vs french” war going on and decided to take a hike for a while.Lots of douches back then.
And sorry for the “bad spelling”.

lol, Firth person…

FYI, I wasn’t the one who gave the “Bad Spelling” rating.

Looks nice.

firth person?

title fixed…
nvm changing the title don’t work in edit mode…why?

“Now suck it bitch!”

I know, I always wondered that myself.

there’s like a 5 minute limit

also this looks very good.

A 5 minute limit to what? You only have 5 minutes before you can’t change the title?

yeah, after creating the thread, you have 5 mins and then you can’t change it

kinda stupid because you can’t have someone correct you and then fix it (well, usually, because people don’t reply within 5 mins unless you’re really popular/message everyone on your friends list to CHECK THIS OUT OMG) and then you gotta wait for a mod

Well then if any mod can correct my misspell it would be appreciated…thanks in advance…<_<

Why does noone tilt the camera?
Good looking picture, but it could look more dynamic with some camera tilt.
I like the cropping aswell :smiley:
YES it does affect the picture quality

why would francis tilt his head when he gets grabbed by the neck?

No no, it’s tilted. Slightly, but it still is tilted. Good work there! I agree, it seems odd that Hunters can have complete control over someone and they can’t do anything about it.

“I hate firth person.” Nice job.