Witch hunter robin ragdoll

I don’t know if anyone knows who she is, but she was in a really great anime, and I really would like to get a ragdoll of her. Now I would like her to be quite flexable, able to bend in alot of ways. I do have some pictures of her but in case it is not clear in the pictures I will try to discribe her. Her hair is blond, and almost always tied up in her two pigtail things. Eyes are green, she sometimes wears glasses. She is really pale. Always wears a long victorian black dress, some times with a long red jacket over it, and always wears a red gem with bits of gold on it neckless. I would like her to be half anime half realistic, because the anime is not a cute anime, its in more of a dark style. If it is at all possable, I would like her clothes and hair to move realisticly.

Some pics:

Is anyone willing to do this? Please?