Witch(L4D) Shoulder is missing?

I don’t know how to solve this and I don’t see any forums about this. Whenever I spawn the Witch from Left 4 Dead, her entire shoulder and a little bit of her arm is missing. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I need her for this movie I’m making for a school project. I verified my l4d files and my garry’s mod files, but it didn’t help. I don’t know what to do, please help.

just the witch? i have this in every L4D model…
do you have your Model Detail in High in the graphics settings?

you need to know that if you get close to the model you can’t view the missing parts… but if you go away a few steps you can see those…

Turn in in a way that her shouder is not visible in the shot? Not really a solution but something that could help.

isn’t this a known bug?

this bug is here since the beta

try to use r_lod 2 or 3, it might fix it but the models will have less polygons…

Thank you so much, using r_lod 3 in the console commands worked! Your a life saver

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Oh and it was just the witch (of course the one character from left 4 dead that i needed). Also since the witch is just a ragdoll, does anyone know how i can get/import the witch npc (as in one that will cry and actually attack me and stuff for turning on a light) into garry’s mod because I want to use her in a specific map and i want her to know me down and try to kill me.