Witch NPC for GMod

Would it be possible to make a Witch or any of the infected from L4D and L4D2 as NPCs for GMod?
I’d like to know before attempting to make one, then find out it’s not possible! Or if one is already made that I seemed to have missed…

Yes, I know this isn’t GMod

Shouldn’t this be in the Mods and Addons Section? Also, what was the point of that picture?

Yes, mods and addons section.

The idea itself is lovely and i’d really like to see it made…But… the chances aren’t exactly too high.

But if someone starts working on this, i pray that Silverlan will be the one. :dance:

Sadly I doubt Silverlan will do this since he is so busy with his gamemode.

Yea… Great things he released tho… Skyrim npc’s…Liberty Prime… I sooo want to get my hands on his other snpc’s… But well… patience until he releases them…

Don’t forget the Tremors Life Cycle Npc set :3