Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings

Few days ago, I start porting Geralt from Rivia model, everything going good, but I need man who can make rig and phymodel (maybe face, eye, finger posing too).


Why don’t you just use the original rigging on the model? As far as I know the importer keeps it.

Original rigging was terrible, blender’s plugin f*** it after import, and now I have only mesh :c

Any chance you could extract Ves for me?

Only mesh

If it helps, someone over at the Skyrim Nexus released Triss’ outfit as an armor replacement. It doesn’t have her head of course, but maybe the fact that it’s rigged on the Skyrim skeleton would make it usable for Source if you ported it? That is, assuming you could “hack” Triss’ head on to it.

Yeah, I saw Geralt full model in Skyrim, but model was very “optimised”, so I found man, who can make rigging for Witcher and the work continuous (bad eng, sry)

I’ve got the model and have been actually working on it. Just been taking a bit longer because of exams right now.


Okay, I have Roche, Dandelion and Letho in my 3Ds Max, waiting for rigging. I’m going to port weapons. Now, about 10 silver swords have been ported and exported into Garry’s Mod. All working good.

Hardy has some problems with internets. He asked me to post here this pic.

Are you going to port…


I dunno

I wonder if the people “playing” JBMod use models Facepunch ports

Ok guys, I don’t know how to make eyeposing :\ Mario’s tutorial didn’t work. Triss is 80% complete

Will Letho be worked on aswell?

are you going to port the zoltan the dwarf?

I’m going to port all main characters of the game. Letho as well

any news?

Triss Merigolt is fully rigged, but I can’t make eyeposing for her. 7 silver swords have been ported on source engine.

So what’s up with the eyeposing? Is there still a problem?