Witcher, a little girl and her cat are lost in an abandoned castle.

Why don’t you find her for me.



Everything except for Geralt was modeled. The cloth was made with a blender simulation and made into a prop.

I like this. ALOT
Geralt’s shoulders seem too low. Idk may be just me


most impressive.

The fact that you modeled nearly everything here is amazing… I can’t really grasp the amount of dedication and time that you must’ve put into this. The lighting and shadow variety on the fabric is perfect. The cat has to be my favorite bit.

The scenebuilding, editing and lighting is fantastic. However Geralt’s posing is not; shoulders are way too stiff and his footing looks a bit off.

And the sword looks nice, but it doesn’t looks like something a Witcher would use. It kinda feels off in Geralt’s hands

Or maybe that’s just me

I reposed Geralt like 3 times and couldn’t really get him to look good enough in terms of a pose. I was basically going for a pose of : he’s concerned what will happen so he is about to get into a combat pose as he takes off the cloth, so that’s why he’s swaying away to the side. Not sure if I got that across well though.

I took out the silver sword and placed in mine, they seemed to fit in terms of length and thickness, I guess mine just looks crappier.

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I think I just realised how I should’ve done it. Geralt should’ve been in a crouching fighting stance about the same height as the ghost, I think that would’ve worked better.