Witchy Snuggle


See, she never wanted to hurt you; just wanted a huggle.
Credit to TheManest for another fine editing job.

When she’s screaming “Raaaah” she’s crying to hug you…And she’s running around waiting for one of you to hug her. When you shine your light or go near her and she stands up a bit, she’s getting ready to leap up and hug you. Francis and Louis in the background is just to funny…

The Witch and Zoey look cute in this picture…
“Zoey has startled the witch!”

Awwww :3:

Shes like… What have I done. She wont let go now!

Zoey’s eyes? She looks more scary that the witch. What the hell is Francis doing in the back?

I just know someone will come with a sexual reference to this. To think otherwise would be gullible:)

I believe Francis is having an arguement with the Zombies out the poster…

Looks like it. Zombies go. “Why aren’t we in the poster. We are the ones doing the dying”.
Will probably be a lawsuit over this.

I will however protest the pictures claims, no matter how nice it is. When I meet the witch in the game, she do her best to perform very inaccurate surgery on me.
Perhaps this is a woman thing.


Whoa, how did you get the witch’s eyes and mouth to close?

Never mind. I miss understood.

Infected: “Whoa, say…isn’t that the guy in the poster?”
Francis: “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey”

Lol, but thanks for all the great comments guys!

For a long time I had no idea she was faceposable, or at least to an extent. I also didn’t realise the Boomer was faceposable, but could only do one expression. Thats how I got her like she is.

D’aaaww, hearts.

whats with the people in the background(francis and someone else)