"With a decent gun, A Hunter behind me, No Escape, Shit .."


Another Angle:


Which is better? :smiley:

See Ya’.


The second one looks like a wallpaper, nice job.

First one, though he should be leaning like that soo much…mabye zoom in a weee bit more, but they both look great!

I like both shots, good job with the posing to. I assume this was a scene build?

Exactly :), It is in gm_flatgrass_13

The posing looks a bit off, why would he hold the pistol out to the side so that it’s visible to the hunter if it took a few steps over to the side, and there’s no finger posing on the second one.

If you can see, The Hunter is looking at the rebel, that make’s sense, and about the finger posing, i forget to put it, Thanks for the critique.


In the city, we beat hunters down just with our bare fists!

I know, but this one is a noob from hl2 dm and he want’s to get guns and guns and guns

Just Kidding.