"With a hip-hip and a clippity-clop, He's out lookin' for a top to chop"



C&C please.

This is my first pose with HWM Models. and my first self edit.

Oh look, it’s another HHH pic…
I tried to give these a chance, but I’ve already had enough of the horseman.

Should of let someone else edit.

Also, posing is pretty bad on the spy, and dont use non-tf2 styled models with tf2 models and maps.

No offense, but that is the shittiest “smoke” I’ve ever seen.Are you using Photoshop or Gimp? Download some smoke brushes. Hell, there are even default brushes that look better than that.

Please again no offense.

Dont worry, its just halloween fever.

It will blow over in a week.

Where do you see that?

I just now actually took the time to look at the editing…

** My God… **

The horse, i think.

I had no horse model so I used the horse statue model from HL2.

and it’s the Headless Horseman, I think he’ll be something of a great spooky story fiction for TF2.

The spy’s face pose is stupid, the “glowing” effect on the pumpkin is poorly made, and that red mist looking stuff isn’t too good either and the posing is pretty bad. I think it needs some DOF in the background too.

I forgot to talk about the editing.

Quite frankly the worst smoke and glow edit i’ve EVER seen here.

The only edits i’ve seen that are worse were from TheRusskinguy.

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Again, dont use non-TF2 models with tf2 models and maps.

Hearts for the screenshot and the nostalgia with that video.

Well the horse was big enough for his size.

Also it’s supposed to be dust kicked up from the hooves of his horse.

I was waiting for hours for someone in the edit section to edit it, but no one seemed interested. so I had to try out myself.

If anyone’s willing to take a crack at editing it, the original’s there.

No one was interested because its shit.

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Not as bad as some shit, but its still shit.

I thought I’d get bashed for using DOF, now it needs DOF.

Also faceposing HWM is hard as hell, especially trying to fix the face after the model spawns.

Then dont use HWM models.

other than the obvious shitty edit I made, how is it shit?

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and I mean how is the original shit?

Lets start with the posing, okay, so the horseman is not bad, but then engineer, his hands look wierd, and his legs are posed oddly, his ass is not tucked in, and the overall posing is unnatural.

Then the spy, i cant tell if he’s running, walking, or hopping, his faceposing is…god what is it.

The backround is also pretty empty, except for Zephaniah back there.

The angle is also pretty…meh.

why didn’t you use HIS HORSE


look it up

Spy is running, I realize my mistake with the engie, I was trying to make the pose look good, Faceposing HWM is hard as fuck, Afraid to use DOF on account of getting criticized for that.

this is all first’s.

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He has a horse?