With all the "map" questions...will there always be just 1 map for the game? Forever?

I understand this game is different in it’s engine and coding.

What I’m curious about is - with the new mentions of changes to default map size - will Rust always have the same, single map, forever and ever, and that’s it? Will the game world never look significantly different? I’m wondering if it’s technologically possible to have a few different maps to play on. I know the shape and layout gets shuffled around a bit from time to time - but there are only so many textures, and so it still becomes awfully repetitive. Anyone know if the Rust game world will always be the same grass/trees/rocks, with minor changes to skins and placement? Or will we ever get some other scenery options?

maybe, maybe not…

Doubt it, but i sure hope so. loved legacy’s map, next valley - small , hacker valley shit was epic :slight_smile:

Maps can be changed by owners by changing the map seeds. a 4-8 number code in the server CFG that changes the layout. I know a number of modded servers that advert they change the Server seed every cycle.