with knowledge of Unity, how hard would it be to make your own Rust clone

I have very little prior experience with Unity, but was able to generate a map with trees, mountains and grass very quickly. Looked kinda crappy, but whatever.

I was hoping to implement some physics, that’s where things went wonky, but I do believe that, give some time to go through tutorials, I should be able to sort it out.
There are FPS tutorials and templates available as well. Scripting seems pretty easy as well…again, one would have to have the time to figure it out, but, given a bit of prior design and programming knowledge, I think one could MAKE a credible Rust clone, for single player only, in the same amount of time people spend playing the game.

So, was just wondering why there are ONLY a few survival games out there, instead of hundreds?

How can rust be a real game if our eyes aren’t real.

So, I think the quick answer to your final question is that most people find more fun in playing a game rather than in creating one. People who create games aren’t wizards, (it isn’t a difficulty threshold) they’re just people who have the right combination of desire and incentive to do so. For most people, trading time in the form of money for someone else to make the game, is a much more efficient way to enjoy them.

There are a lot of people who would be perfectly capable of making a good game. Only a very small percentage of those would follow it through to completion to a good standard.

I’m sure more Rust looking games will be published, once they find out you can make good money with games like this they do it.

How much are you paying?

aye, there is a new kickstarter on reddit posted today, so short answer, yes.

link/name/identifiable info? I’m just curious.

Check out Lynda.com. They have a few video tutorials on making a simple game. From there you can learn more 3D/2D/Animation/Audio, coupled with Unity could make you a game. That’s a lot of learning though so it won’t be overnight.

I think that the survival trend is now starting to pick up. With the popularity of DayZ and now Rust, you will see a lot more people making these types of games.

I’m pretty sure more and more games like this will happen… just give it some time.

Wasn’t there even that Dinosaur game where you’re a Indian or caveman or something and can put up totems and tepee’s and can ride and kill dino’s?

there’s a space game called Space Engineers (currently on steam). There going to implement weapon systems to pvp with and asteroid farming for resource gathering. And as of right now people can build ships and stations (just like rust houses) to hold things in and store stuff in.

I’m sure TON’s more are on the way.

Playing around with the terrain editor on Unity is far, far, far easier then coding an actual game.

Yeah but without the coding… there is no game ^^