With the new update do a whole server wipe please!

With the new update wipe all the servers please.

They almost always require wipes after a major update anyways, as far as I know.

a wipe is to the distrection of the server owner.

Most servers wipe, and the server owner wipes the server, not Garry. So if one server gets wiped, not every server gets wiped. They will probably all do a wipe if they are smart. See you IG (:

when is the update?

Looks like they’ll have to

Update is today 07/12/2013 at some point not sure about the time the devs said!

Update is out on dev branch no servers compatable yet

I know right uhg I wanna play so bad XD.

The server thats up is in modded list called CookieMonsterAPB Twitch