With Update "trees disappear"

Since installing the new update last night. Upon entering the game server usually trees, plants, shrubs me any foliage gone. I uploaded the graphics I’ve rebooted everything down. And nothing can not see the trees. But if I crash against a dry brake me if I throw an arrow strikes the tree though I did not see. Has anyone happens equal to or knows a solution?

Just a note that I have the same problem on an Intel HD 2000 built-in card.

try changing your “graphics.lodbias”
Console (F1) -> graphics.lodbias 0.5 - 0.9 try to put it around this range, I think it will do the trick

That was the first thing I tried when it happened. graphics.lodbias does not help.

If I join a new server, trees show up for about 10 seconds and then disappear again.

As well, the trees are there and you can still run into them and chop them down. But you can not see them.

just saying but how do you run things with a built in gpu

Fine. As long as you don’t need trees.

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crisis averted. Updating my video drivers fixed my issue.