With Vortigaunt, PYRO IS INVINCIBLE!


The Pyro uses the almighty power of the vortigaunts to conquer puny blue team!


The Blue team is decimated by the power of the Pyro.


A dramatic view of the battle.


The Heavy looks around sadly as his friends are destroyed.

I couldn’t find the weapons for TF2 so I had to use CSS weapons. This is one of my first poses so I would like constructive criticism. Thank you.

That would have looked good back in 2004

It’s low quality and you should use Finger Posing Tool…

Btw, good start :slight_smile:

I don’t have finger poser, Is that a mod?

And thank you for the kind comments, I’d like to think I’m good at posing.

Pyro is already overpowered :v:

As for fingerposing, it is not a mod. It should be under the ‘Poser’ section of the tools part of the “q” menu.

And the TF2 weapons should be where you got the ragdolls. Just scroll down to the bottom and they should show up.

The idea sounded great… the pictures are terrible.


Be honest, your not good at posing, I mean look at the picture, is that the way how a human holds a weapon with his hand at his back and etc…
But keep practising, you’ll get better.

Where’s the Vort?


And I got the feeling that this is sneaky troll?

Pic: Posing is really bad, and how can you have the TF2 ragdolls but not the weapons!?

DO you mean the J_hat or me?

OP (FryedSmith)

That’s one big mess

Oh emm jee it’s DMGaina! But for srz, I think the pics are OK.