Within 48 hours of a wipe....

If you’re not playing by 48 hours post wipe, you essentially become content for other players to feed on, particularly those with no life. To give a bit of insight on the matter, i believe a lot of people buy, and quit rust quickly after they realize what the meta is (time based). My advice to those people is to act as if its a weekly treat. Every Thursday, for example, when my server wipes, i pull together literally every man women and child i can into one big mega town. We usually get a big wall up, build creative and good looking houses (not boxes) and admire out creation and even kill a few people here and there. This, to me, is the most fascinating part of Rust. But no matter how many people i gather, or how big of a town we make, it never survives the night after the wipe.

After that, when everyone has guns, there is literally no point. For me, the meta ends there. Despite the fact i can whip together a gun pretty fast from nothing, at this point the vast majority of the bonehead 24/7 crews are just out killing and C4’ing everything in sight without a second thought, and for the most part (on my server anyways) all aspects of RP, social gameplay, and anything else goes right out the window. Everyone just becomes a mindless drone in a glorified call of duty match.

Treat wipe day like a weekly event, like church, or a nightclub lady’s night. You don’t expect to have that sort of experience more than once a week.

To be honest, that would actually have me looking forward to playing post wipe. You wouldn’t have to see it like weeks long progress down the drain. Wipe day arrives, throw a big party, and resume gameplay with that same social atmosphere. It’s a shame many Rust players do not think like this.

there are all kinds of server. large population server that wipes once a week. small population server that wipe only when forced, once a month. i like to build. i like to farm for days, build a big compoung around our base, around quarry, and around a radtown that we claim our own. such projects often takes 1 or 2 weeks on vanilla servers. i like the monthly wipe, because i can build for 2 weeks, then sit back and goof around for the other 2 weeks in my large compound, defending from raiders, etc.

Although I disagree with your post, this is why I usually stick to servers with around a 20-30 population. That feels like a really good balance between player density (having enough people to interact and, if desired, fight with) and open space to build in.

On normal servers i can usually survive a week in a 1x2x2 house with just a single chest and 2 furnaces.I can upgrade it to armored in a relatively short time.

I do think guns need to be harder to come by and make,for example you need the various part blueprints for guns,to craft parts you need a workbench (for assembly,cleaning and crafting),moulds to make the parts and finally a chemical table to make gunpowder (can also be used to make things like higher grade fuel,med kits and explosives)

You would need to assemble a large workshop to make the top tier guns,of course this means that only clans would have access to high grade weapons but at least every guy you run into won’ thave a gun.

Once you invest enough time in this game you’ll find that any population <100 can get very boring very quickly

It would probably prompt people to form towns, so in the end people would probably still walk around with guns, just far less of them and would place a higher value on keeping them.

Once on Rustopia EU/UK there was a Fallout like Town build in a Canyon they called it Dongri-La with an Population over 30 People which had several Houses where they lived with an Bar for the town members Hotels Town Hall and so on.

Well they had a group of Aggresive players which Provided defense and Pillgered other peoples so i decided to follow them to theire city and found it. I decided to Rob them since ladders where new most of the Villagers build unsafe houses. I kinda took theire stuff and Hide it in my little secret base near theire town, i kinda got into theire town slowly getting theire trust i accused someone that he robbed me and shit got real People started to shoot each other and a kind of Civil war happend in the Canyon even rockets and c4 where used.

and no one thought i was the evil behind that :joy: the funniest server run ive ever had

I’ve got a few thousand hours in, so I’ve been here a while. Different strokes for different folks. The flip side is that going on high-pop servers means you’re going to see more raiding, which is exactly what OP is expressing disappointment with.

I normally do rocket parties the night before a wipe on my server. If it’s all going to be gone, may as well let the players blow it to shit first themselves :slight_smile: