Wizmo Gaming | 24/7 Rust Server | No Admin Abuse!

Hey everyone,

Today we configured our server and it’s now up and running!


F1 - net.connect rust.wizmogaming.org:29115

  • 50 Slots

  • Doorshare

  • PM System

  • Kits

  • Starter (1 time use) | Stone Hatchet, Cloth Pants, Cloth Helmet, Cloth Vest, Cloth Boots, 10x Cooked Chicken Breast, Wood Shelter, Wood Door, Wood Storage Box & Sleeping Bag
  • Death (Unlimited) | Stone Hatchet, Cloth Pants, Cloth Helmet, Cloth Vest & Cloth Boots
  • Airdrop (1 time use ) | Supply Signal (When you throw it away you recieve an airdrop! Be carefull where you use it!)
  • Hatchet (3 time use) | Gives you a Hatchet
  • Instant Craft Speed
  • No Sleepers (Will be voted on soon when we reach more players)
  • PVP ON
  • Fall damage ON
  • Location Cords
  • Fresh Server
  • Leaderboards
  • Active admins who are available to help you.

// Soon when we reach a good amount of players /arena events for good items!

// Random airdrops when admins are online!

// And that’s not all, we are also looking for people who want to fullfill staff positions! Post your application on our website: http://www.wizmogaming.org (Must have TS - ts.wizmogaming.org)

Hope to see you soon! :slight_smile:


// More updates coming soon!


  • Added more kits
  • Builded an Arena to host events!

C’mon guys we need more players :slight_smile:


// Update

Server has now INSTA CRAFT :slight_smile: Enjoy building

awesome server! owner is really nice and accept suggestions and stuff

Bumpeetee bump–

Just joined to the Staff team as Trial Administrator, had to say they are really friendly!!!

Let’s go on a Rusty bumpy ride! Join the server for a great gaming time! :slight_smile:

Good amount of people online atm.

Bumpy bump.

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Special Update peepz,

When we reach 10 or more players tonight, we will host a Bow Event with a great reward! Check us out :slight_smile:

Bump up,

Yesterday we had a cool event in our event arena. Shooting a P250 well isn’t that easy after all. :v:

Come join us <3