Counter Strike: Source map. Finished brushwork and texturing today, added lights. I’d like some C&C, please. EXTREMELY small map, I would say 8 people tops.

IMO, the lighting is pretty good, but not really meant for a CS:S map.


Images are here.

I would rather not extend a page longer than it has to be extended.

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What’s it for?

It seems really blocky, and not very well thought out in some areas, like the floating stairs… And gigantic barrels? some areas look nice but your texturing seems a little repetitive, and almost predictable with all the stock metal textures you’ve used.

I think it just needs some love and care, you have a nice base, but just need huge amounts of detail to look believable, try windows, gutters, electrical lines/boxes… Anything along those lines to make it seem closer to reality…

I’ve seen worse.

Umm, thank you? How can I improve?

You seem to have used model textures on brush work which is a no-no. If the filename for a texture contains the word model or models it’s probably not a good idea to use it. Those stairs look really goofy and unnatural. Look at a real staircase for reference. You should also pick a theme for your map. I can’t really tell what it’s supposed to be. There’s what appears to be a parking garage then giant barrels and a courtyard with grass trees and a statue. And finally, turn your settings up when you’re taking screen shots. It doesn’t matter if your game is choppy or laggy, we can’t tell that from a picture.

Oops, forgot to change settings. I always play at the lowest settings.

Damn references. It seems to be a common theme whenever I want C&C. I’ll work at it.

You have a huge amount of improperly used textures. You have floating models, namely the tree, also there are floating displacements. Textures are stretched or misaligned, in areas they are used where they shouldn’t be, for example the metalfloor plate on the sides of the floor near the toxic containers, and the roof texture used on the floor. The stairs are weird., and you have used a brick wall texture on the floor there. Add to that a lack of design structure or theme, and you have yourself a poorly made map.

actually, the place where there is brick on the floor, i used one of the brickfloor textures.

Looks ugly and very much like the default brickwall. Pick a theme and stick with it. Don’t use textures you like, pick textures that fit with the scene and the overall theme. If you are going combine, use combine textures, props and blue lighting. Post apoc human means rusty textures, broken gantries and ancient gas stations. Do your research, there is the internet, use images on there for inspiration.

Massive barrels of death

It’s pretty random and the texturing is lacking.


It seems to not be following a theme.